Content That Brings Your Strategy To Life.

To the average user, the internet is impersonal. Often when we read words on a screen, we forget the humanity behind those words. In the world of digital marketing, successful businesses are able to break down the internet’s barriers, restoring that element of human interaction.



Your customers don’t want to read a jumbled page of information about your product - whether its in an article, email, or website.

Instead, we connect with your customers through the story behind your brand and your business, whilst ensuring that all content is coherent, fluent, and effective in SEO. We understand that there’s more to copywriting than getting words on a page.


At Creative Compass, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure our marketing is in line with your big picture objectives. We offer an initial discovery workshop and visit you for regular meetings, to develop and re-evaluate a custom marketing strategy that ensures we’re delivering on our targets.

Our comprehensive digital marketing service is designed to encompass all of your digital needs. From paid and organic social media content, to Google SEO, Ads campaigns and email marketing. We do the dirty work, so that you don’t have to.


We create versatile and engaging video content that effectively portrays the message you want to send.

Over 80% of all internet traffic will consist of video by 2021 – video content provides a change from the abundance of textual information online, in a succinct, entertaining, and informative way. If utilised correctly, video content can result in significant exposure, returning customers, and significant ROI through numerous channels. Video has become crucial to your campaigns, outreach, and digital strategy.

We offer the technological and creative potential needed to stay competitive in the constantly evolving online world.


Business owners often have a strong digital presence but want to take it to the next level - social media is an incredibly powerful advertising medium when utilised effectively.

Our process involves hand picking social media platforms that are right for your business, striving for consistency in all branding.

We understand that social media success isn’t just about bombarding your audience with post after post. We focus on content that provides value to your audience, builds your brand, and demonstrates results.

We’ll be with you every step of the way to assess our work and evaluate our strategy, ensuring that you’re achieving the most effective social media presence possible.

We make beautiful, custom WordPress websites, that are designed to outrank your competitors in Google.

Our websites are built with a purpose - to work for your business.